Sentinelle® J11 and J12 Auto-Recovery Markers

Sentinelle® J11 and J12 Auto-Recovery Markers
  • J11: white marker for continuous use, or with two red collars for toll booths
  • J12: green marker to signal divergent roads
  • The J11 and J12 markers are available in weighted versions to ensure the safety on short-term perpetual worksites.
  • NF, J11-J12 25E, J11-J12 26E, J11-J12 27E certified (for more information on our compliance with other national standards, contact us)
  • Patent pending


  • High Resistance:
    • For high resistance over time, the marker base is thicker than the head
    • Thanks to its strong shape-memory properties, the sign returns to its original position after a shock
  • Resistance Test:
    • Test carried out on a trial road at the UTAC (United Test and Assembly Centre for Cars, Motorbikes and Bicycles)
    • Resistant to 15 laps at 60km/h
  • Simple and Safe Mounting:
    • Easy installation: mounts twice as fast as a traditional road marker
    • Two handles at the sides for better handling and easy manual tightening
    • No rear torsion


  • Dimensions: height 735mm–Ø 190mm
  • Finish: fitted with two Class-1 or Class-2 retro-reflective collars
  • Simple and fast installation: new innovative mounting system–the M12 screw is integral
  • Three fixture modes:
    • using dowel pins
    • recycled rubber wheels
    • on a metal basein a frame cover


Watch the vehicle shock test video:

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