J6 Guidance Marker

J6 Guidance Marker

J6 markers aim to ensure continuous roadside guidance on an itinerary, complementing markings on the ground.

LACROIX City guidance markers conform to regulation NF P98-580 (for more information on our compliance with other national standards, contact us).


  • Designed in rotationally moulded HDPE, the J6 guidance marker is resistant to:
    • shocks and rock impacts
    • changes in temperature
  • Anti-UV-treated and tinted structure, the J6 guidance marker:
    • withstands bad weather conditions
    • maintains its colours
    • maintains its mechanical characteristics over time
  • The reflector is riveted onto an overmoulded black placard:
    • enhanced contrast
    • easy to replace if it breaks and to detach at the end of its life, in order to facilitate sorting andrecycling
  • The J6 guidance marker can be installed on feet or safety barriers with a base


A dual-sided J6 Guidance Marker with two reflectors for bidirectional roads

Dual-Sided The J6 is available in a dual-sided version with two reflectors for bidirectional roads

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