J11/J12 Weighted Markers

J11/J12 Weighted Markers

The J11 and J12 weighted markers allow users to ensure safety on short-term perpetual worksites.

They conform to regulation XP P98-584 (for more information on our compliance with other national standards, contact us).


  • High Resistance: designed from rotationally moulded HDPE, the markers are monoblock and resistant to:
    • -shocks and rock impacts
    • -changes in temperature (-20°C to +60°C) without losing mechanical resistance
  • Durability: tinted and anti-UV-treated structure, the colours do not change
  • Better Handling: fitted with side handles


  • Height 750mm, Ø 190mm, J11 in white, can be weighted with two CIass-2 collars
  • Fitted with two CIass-2 retro-reflective adhesive collars, protected by a toothed edge to avoid contact with the vehicle
  • Weighted or permanent fixtures

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