With its ear to the ground, LACROIX City Street Lighting develops high-quality, extremely durable junction boxes and components. Thanks to a solid culture of innovation, LACROIX City Street Lighting has been designing for over 35 years, equipment keeping pace with the needs in the field.
Our connecting solutions allow you to protect people and installations and to save time in terms of installation and maintenance.


Wiring capacity: 3 cables of 35mm² – Pole diameter: 110mm

The lamppost junction box designed with 3 stages to increase enclosing capacity in posts with a min inside diameter of 110mm.
Interpak can host up to 2 x 35mm² network cables or 3 x 25mm² network cables and 4 lighting fixture cables.
Protective cone for frontal insertion of power cables.
Additional intermediate support, for extra functions.
Open sides and stiffened back to facilitate connection.
Two independent covers for easy opening even when the box is offset from the door.
Low cover clipped onto the base of the box for secure maintenance.


Junction boxes-Interpak-Sogexi-LACROIX Cit
  • Terminal block support removable without tools and adjustable via a rack system over 80mm, for easy connection and rapid maintenance on site.
  • Top transparent cover, to facilitate visual inspection and access to protections. Locking by ¼ turn captive screw.
  • Tool-free mounting by adjustable lugs over 110 mm, or with M6 screw.

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Max capacity

  • Up to 2 network cables, 5G25mm² or 4x35mm².
  • Up to 3 network cables, 5G16mm² or 4x25mm².
  • Up to 4 lighting fixture cables, 3G2.5mm² rigid.


  • Self-extinguishing polycarbonate.
  • IP44 in accordance with IEC 60529 (open junction box: IP2X).
  • IK08 in accordance with EN 62262.
  • Class 2 (can also be supplied with insulated earth terminal).
  • -40°C to +130°C.

Product standards

  • EN 61439-2.

Installation standards

  • NF C17-200 and associated guides.

Standard colours: blue

  • Available in transparent version.
  • Other colours: please consult us.


  • Fixing bracket 1 or 2 hooks.
  • Possible vertical rail mounting with M6 screws.


  • Terminal block: marking of the terminals to facilitate maintenance.


  • Pre-wired with high-temperature silicone coated wires and crimped lugs.
  • Supplied with fuses, configuration labels and cable clamp.