Tegis Lighting LX Connect

LX Connect web client interface for Tegis Lighting is the management tool, remotely and in real time, for configuring the connected control, the monitoring, the reporting and the analyzing of the consumption of the public lighting cabinet.

Based on the Google Maps cartography, the web plateform displays operating status of the public lighting cabinets park in real time.

Powerful communication tool, the dashboard presents in a simple way, the key performance indicators of a public lighting installation, which are the number of monitored cabinets, the service rate and the energy savings performed.

Tegis-lighting-interface-web 433x265.png


Tegis Lighting Plus CENTRAL CONTROL
  • Intuitive LX Connect web plateform : for a simple setting of astronomical clock and surveillance alert system of the cabinet.
  • Accessible 24/7, secured and unlimited, LX Connect web-platform is always up-to-date with the latest fonctionnalities.
  • Alert surveillance and energy consumption report, in real time.
  • Powerful analysis tool, for a smart management of the installed park.
  • Future-proof solution, the installation can easily and quickly migrate to Tegis Lighting Plus, the entirely connected management of cabinet and light points.