Connected management of street lighting cabinets

Tegis Lighting is an essential tool for controling lighting, which makes it possible to monitor, measure performance and analyse lighting equipment. This is a prerequisite for defining and implementing smart and connected lighting in a town or city.
Main functions of Tegis Lighting: the control of lighting cabinets (primary source of energy savings), the monitoring of lighting cabinets (real-time alert system provide optimised service quality), reporting and analysis of cabinet consumption to measure savings and prioritise investments.
Future-proof to Tegis Lighting Plus.

Discover functions

Connected control of lighting
Monitoring of lightings cabinets
Feedback and analysis of consumption

Energy and maintenance savings
The control is the first source of energy savings thanks to its connected astronomical clock that can be configured remotely.
Service quality and safety
Cabinet monitoring and its real-time alert system provide optimised service quality for public lighting equipment
Budget management
Feedback and analysis of energy consumption to measure energy savings and prioritise investments.
To entirely connected management of cabinets and light points