Gantries, Mast Arms and High Masts


Structures include gantries, mast arms and high masts. Structures for variable-message signs are developed and manufactured in France, certified to French standards by AFNOR under reference PHM8.

Each structure is made to measure, according to its future siting and use (an area of wind, altitude, operator accessibility, etc.).

We are involved at every stage of the design process (design calculations, manufacture, quality control) to best meet your needs and give you the best service.

Products benefits

  • Sturdiness: made of aluminium, our structures are highly resistant against all outside environments (altitude, area of wind and snow, corrosion).
  • Easy to install: designed to optimise assembly times at the installation site, our engineering design office studies the slinging and lifting of structures right from the design stage in order to limit the impact of an installation on road traffic (road closure, marking out, brief power cut).
  • Upper works: made with specific profiles, the supports for the upper works have been designed to optimise the sturdiness and maintenance of our structures. 

Safety and accessibility:

  • Mindful of the safety of maintenance workers, our PPHM equipment is fitted with secure access (Coutier-branded) with a ladder, safety cage and prevention of unauthorised access.
  • The cross beams and arms of our structures comply with standards to ensure the safety of those working on them.
  • Upon request, to optimise working comfort for maintenance staff: roofing with vane protection, lighting on a timer.

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