VMx Range

LACROIX City’s Traffic Division offers highway operators a comprehensive range of variable-message signs for providing road users with the right information at the right time to keep traffic safe and flowing.

Manufactured in France and Spain, our equipment combines technological innovation, optimisation of energy consumption and compliance with current standards, and is suitable for all types of environments.

Available in full colour and/or full matrix, in aluminium and in steel, all equipment in the range makes it possible to change symbols and operating policies, whilst complying with road standards and operating developments.

Product Benefits:

  • Compliance with optical standards
  • Dedicated management tool available
  • Low running cost
  • Service life of over 10 years
  • Eco-designed equipment
  • Optimised energy consumption with reliable and proven photovoltaic solution

VMx1: the effective way of informing road users


Lanes with fast-moving vehicles and a high density of traffic, where the time to read is very short, require a high level of clarity.

Whether on highways (full-lane variable-message signs), interchanges or on ramps (access variable-message signs), our equipment fully informs users of traffic conditions in real time.

Our products guarantee optimal durability regardless of the environment or weather conditions.

VMx Autonomous: solar energy


Installing and operating a variable-message sign represent significant costs for road operators. Access to power and the civil engineering required to install a variable-message sign can be an obstacle.

Providing users with optimum information with a dynamic display and addressing the issues of power, installation and maintenance are easy with the VMx1 AUTONOMOUS.

Our equipment is powered by solar energy alone, whilst ensuring optimum dissemination of information. This solution offers unprecedented energy efficiency.

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