Video sensors are an essential addition to traffic regulation systems and provide solutions for multiple applications: detecting a pedestrian waiting to cross the road, vehicles approaching and/or at a standstill, and congestion in an area where public transport and private vehicles can come into conflict.

Video sensors : the complete detection solution for all users

Video sensor

The equipment works using image analysis. It detects all users and modes of transport (cars, public transport, active mobility), both in motion and stationary. Depending on requirements, the thermal option is available for day and night detection without any need for street lighting.

Configuring one or more detection zones in advance enables a single sensor to provide several qualified pieces of information at the same time. The traffic light controller sorts the information, analyses it and precisely regulates the traffic in real time.

Adaptable and scalable to all roadways, the equipment adapts to an existing regulation system and does not require any civil engineering.

Product Benefits

  • Ease of installation
  • Complete video detection of all users 24/7
  • Simple selection of detection zones (configuration of virtual loops)
  • Compact and reliable

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