The V2X pole of LACROIX City offers a complete smart range of equipment dedicated to the communication of connected and autonomous vehicles with the road infrastructure.

V2V Unit

On Board Unit (OBU) for Cooperative Vehicles
V2V Station, is a device with an antenna that is installed in the vehicle. It allows communication of vehicle information to both RSUs and OBUs through Distance Short Range Communication.

This On Board Unit is interoperable & qualified in V2X projects including standard vehicle. It displays messages over an embedded map, and transmits V2X alerts to the driver on portable devices (thanks to embeded WiFi access) and to management center. This device combined to the V2X Server also allows a remote & centralized monitoring.


Neavia V2I Unit_LACROIX V2X_200x200
  • Europe / US Stacks available
  • Interoperable & Qualified in V2X Projects
  • Integrates HSM & Security Management
  • Web responsive Interface
  • Easy integration via API
  • Integrated cellular communication

Functions et Applications

• Patrollers reporting
• Connected Bus
• Automous Vehicle
• Emergency Vehicle
• Road Intervention Vehicles

• V2X Event Reporting
• V2X Alert Notification
• Fleet management
• Radio coverage test
• Piloting external equipment (option)