How to prevent multi-vehicle collisions in road accidents ?

Mx4 seguridad pasiva LACROIX City

Roundabouts with shared roadways can host cyclists, cars and potentially pedestrians using public transport.

It is necessary to improve the flow of traffic and directional information for different users, all while ensuring that changes of direction are safe, both day and night.

The aim is to avoid a double road accident between different road users, through the use of directional signs on fusible masts. .

The LACROIX City solution

  • The Mx4 Passive Safety Mast 
  • Dx3 First Directional Sign
  • Blade signs


Upon impact, the fusible mast protects passengers as well as other users who may be near the accident.

At 50 km/h, the support curbs the vehicle. Occupants and users close to the crash (on the pavement or cycle lane) are protected.

At 100 km/h, the support is distorted and breaks away. The impact is minimized for the vehicle occupants, safety is improved for other vehicles close to the crash.

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