How to ensure the safety of users in winter conditions


Winter conditions require significant mobilisation of road-operation teams due to issues such as ice, reduced visibility and heavy snowfall.

Users’ safety is a major challenge for all road operators. It is their responsibility to be fully aware of all the traffic conditions on their networks at all times.

The LACROIX City Solution

  • EcoCam
  • Solar kit
  • Infrared torch


  • Infrared detector
  • Mx4 passive sign support

How it works

EcoCam is a standalone smart camera that works by sending videos or images to the intervention teams over 3G.

Coupled with a small solar panel and incorporating a data connection, the camera has a major advantage that allows it to be installed in the most constrained environments, in terms of energy and telecommunications.


  • Define and reduce intervention costs
  • Use and control video broadcasting
  • Share the flow situation with users
  • Implement a mobile solution with minimal installation and civil engineering costs

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