Smart roads

LACROIX City offers ecosystems and equipment dedicated to street lighting, road signalling, traffic management and regulation, and assistance using autonomous or connected mobility.
Our connected, open and interoperable equipment enables town managers and operators to collect valuable data from their infrastructure through our intuitive LX Connect web platform.

Knowing more about how towns, cities and territories work allows decision-makers to analyse all traffic flows so as to optimise, adjust and configure their equipment.
This smart road network allows for infrastructure sharing between all users, be they pedestrians, cyclists, motorists or public transport users.
The first brick in the Smart City, smart roads help improve everyone’s safety.


For the smart management of energy, flows and equipment



Closely in touch with customer feedback, LACROIX City combines the manufacture of reliable, autonomous and sustainable products with energy management solutions that help reduce installation and running costs for your equipment.

Saving energy

Up to 80% energy savings per year by optimizing the management of your public lighting. 


With core manufacturing expertise and 80 years of experience, LACROIX City manufactures products that comply with regulations and offer a blend of information and technology to keep the roads safe and alert users to hazards at all times.

protecting from danger

More than 400,000 road signs manufactured and sold per year


LACROIX City movement detectors are smart and autonomous devices that ensure there is the right lighting and the right signs in the right place at the right time. Peace of mind for communities, comfort, well-being and safety for users!

detectinf for safety

More than 3200 radar speed signs manufactured and sold since 2011 (Métis©).