A real jewel of the French territory, the Ile de Ré is known for its beaches, its pine trees, its markets…


Tourists and traffic: the keystone of the island

During the summer, the high number of tourists densifies the traffic on the island.

The La Redoute roundabout at Rivedoux Plage is the black spot, concentrating all the flows of vehicles wanting to leave the Ile de Ré. These slowdowns cause inconvenience.


There are many issues at stake for the Ile de Ré:

  • Reduction of the travel time for tourists to leave the island
  • Reduction of pollution and noise pollution,
  • Preservation of the quality of life of the inhabitants of Rivedoux Plage,
  • Communicate journey times to users so that they can optimise their journeys.

The Charente Maritime department, in close collaboration with the Rivedoux town council, opted for a LACROIX solution for dynamic regulation of the roundabout.

Carte régulation dynamique de trafic ile de ré
Le giratoire de la Redoute à Rivedoux

Some key figures:

  • More than 4.5 hours to get off the island of Ré at major weekends.
  • More than 4,000 vehicles recorded leaving the island on busy days.
  • 45,000 user connections on the Ré Info trafic website to access the journey time on 17 July 2022.

A traffic study prior to the definition of the solution

Prior to defining the solution, a traffic study was carried out by CDVIA, a research and consulting firm specialising in traffic measurements.

Various regulation scenarios were thus tested in order to define the best solution in terms of the implementation of the system and the regulation parameters.


The LACROIX solution for automatic traffic flow

The objective of the Charente Maritime department is to encourage the use of the southern route. The system will therefore consist of slowing down the flow coming from the northern route. It consists of a traffic light control system that is dynamically controlled according to the amount of tailback measured on the southern route.

To achieve this, the system is composed of :

  • 3 BlueVia® beacons measuring travel times on the North and South exit routes of the island,
  • The Webvia platform controlling the device and allowing the distribution of travel times to users,
  • The Traffy City® traffic light controller,
  • The Alumix® traffic light positioned on the northern route.





Traffy City®


Gamme Alumix

Gamme Alumix



App mobile respiRé régulation dynamique de trafic

Real-time passenger information from the mobile site Ré-Info-Trafic (