LACROIX City operates as part of a global network to develop our dedicated ecosystems and equipment for the Smart City.

Firmly established in France, LACROIX City’s various business divisions have developed their international presence thanks to a network of distributors and the opening of subsidiaries located in the very heart of our markets. LACROIX City is present at six industrial production sites in Europe and has six international and overseas subsidiaries. LACROIX City has a shining presence in Europe, North Africa, North America, Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean and LATAM.

These international links have been further strengthened since 2015 with the opening of a new site for the Traffic business unit in Madrid or with the recent acquisition of Smartnodes, a Belgian start-up. These acquisitions provide access to the LATAM zone and helping establish a new influence in Belgium, Austria, as well as in the Netherlands and Northern Europe.

Traffic Regulation Applied to the Casablanca Tramway (Marocco)

The creation of the second Tramway line in Casablanca will connect hard-to-reach areas of the city.

LACROIX City is in charge of equipping 36 intersections with light signals to manage the right of way on the Tramway. This second project comes after the work carried out on the first Tramway line, in which LACROIX also participated.

Optimising traffic flows in Casablanca is LACROIX City’s role as a Smart City player that guides, optimises and secures vehicle flows to share the road with other users.

LACROIX City Equips the City of Brasov (Romania) with Radar Speed Signs and Smart Lighting

Located in Romania, Brasov is the most populous city in the centre of the country and the second largest in Transylvania. As a tourist hot spot, it attracts a large number of visitors each year. Ensuring the safety of residents and tourists alike is a priority for the city.

The mortality rate on Romania’s roads is actually the highest in the European Union, and raising driver awareness is a key road safety challenge.

The city has thus turned to LACROIX City’s solutions to reduce its accident rate.


Development of innovative dynamic signage on Mexican roads and highways

Since 2015, Mexico has been engaged to equip the road infrastructure with the installation of new dynamic signalling equipment on its motorways and expressways. In 5 years, LACROIX City has positioned itself as a key player in the dynamic signage market in Mexico deploying more than 200 variable message signs and 35 policy signs.

LACROIX City has provided much more than just the roads equipement in the country, we have delivered an all-in-one solution with our inovative  VMx Autonomous. The solar-powered variable message sign dedicated to mexican traffic information, while answering the challenges of energy efficiency and optimising equipment maintenance. With more than 100 VMx Autonomous installed in the country, Mexico provides cleaner, safer and more responsible roads for mexicans.

Updating Bamako’s Street Lighting (Mali)

The government of Mali was urbanising Bamako and wanted to update its street lighting, with the desire to trial a more energy-efficient technological solution.


LACROIX City has provided smart management and street lighting power solutions, as well as connecting equipment. The project, called “EPI Bamako” (Eclairage Public Intelligent Bamako [Bamako Smart Street Lighting]), has deployed LED lights on the city’s main streets. The dynamic lighting scenarios of the Welcome to Bamako monument and the Africa Tower can be changed to suit the events organised by the city. LACROIX City has also equipped 12 intersections with traffic lights.


This remote management solution for lighting helps deliver significant energy savings and makes it much easier to maintain the facilities.


It is thus part of a genuine sustainable development approach. The transfer of skills and the monitoring of the facilities is ensured by training and the establishment of a dedicated unit at EDM (Énergie du Mali [Energy of Mali]).


This equipment is a major asset that is already part of the ambitious “Bamako 2030” urban planning scheme.

The Bamako Urban Planning Agency