MÉTIS® 3002 Connect Radar Speed Sign

MÉTIS® 3002 Connect Radar Speed Sign

With MÉTIS® 3002 Connect, LACROIX City signalling are going a step further in combating speeding by offering a connected and 100% remotely manageable radar speed sign thanks to its Metis Connect web interface.

Compliant with part 9 of the Interministerial Instruction on Road Signalling, the Métis 3002 Connect is 100% compliant with regulations.


Connected Intelligence:

  • Embedded communication for 100% remote management thanks to a built-in SIM card
  • Remote configuration and data analysis
  • Option to be alerted directly by email or text message (speeding, traffic density).

Proven Reliability:

  • Hard-wearing aluminium design with reinforced surround (based on a panel that is certified to meet French standards for road equipment)
  • Highly resistant electronic display protected from impacts by a polycarbonate screen
  • Electronic design in accordance with current requirements for certified road signage


  • Optimum handling with built-in carry handle
  • Simple assembly thanks to universal multi-platform mounting
  • Easy assembly/disassembly for mobile prevention campaigns

High visibility:

  • Electronic LED display, high level ofbrightness for maximum visibility
  • Red and white class-2 retro-reflective border for visibility night and day
  • Warning message with an illuminated A14 danger signal alternating with the speed
  • LED information banners (text or symbol) across 1 or 2 rows
  • Free text programming scalable to speed limits

100% compliant with current regulations and with CEREMA’s (formally Certu) recommendations, part 9 of the Interministerial Instructions on Road Signalling, Article 163.

Customer Testimonial

“We are very happy with our Métis® radar speed sign, which we use in different parts of the town to prevent people becoming complacent about signage. In addition to raising awareness about speed, it’s a fantastic tool for easily collecting very useful data such as average speed, the percentage of vehicles committing an offence, and also the maximum speed recorded. This also allows us to provide residents with very detailed information to challenge their perception.” Jean-Paul Michaud, Deputy Mayor, Saint-Just-Chaleyssin (38).”

Feel free to download the Métis® 3002 Connect PDF documentation (3.2 Mo, 2 pages)!

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