Métis® 3000 and Métis® 3002 Radar Speed Signs

MÉTIS® 3002 Connect Radar Speed Sign

Métis 3000 and 3002 radar speed signs are part of the classic Métis® range. They run on Métis software, which enables data to be configured and analysed.

Métis® 3002 Radar Speed Sign
The Métis® 3002 radar speed sign takes an educational approach to regulatory requirements. With the Métis 3002, the Signalling division has been able to build on its dynamic road signalling expertise and know-how to offer you an effective product that complies with regulations–a guarantee of quality and a competitive edge.

Métis® 3000 Radar Speed Sign
The Métis® 3000 raises road users’ awareness and encourages them to reduce their speed thanks to a reinforced dual educational message. More than just a simple reminder, Métis® 3000 is an essential tool for raising motorists’ awareness of safety and analysing their behaviour.


Additional and customisable display:

  • Dual message with an LED information banner (text or symbol)
  • Free text programming and scalable to speed limits
  • Speed display in continuous or flashing mode
  • Displays a symbol alternating with the speed
  • Multiple examples of configuration

Software Simplicity:

The Metis® software is easy-to-use data collection and analysis software

  • Quick PC installation of software (no technical knowledge required)
  • Collects data by USB or Bluetooth for greater security
  • User-friendly interface that makes it easy to pick up without any training necessary
  • Automatic data analysis that can be retrieved in Word or HTML format.

Sturdiness and reliability:

  • Innovative and robust design thanks to a crimped aluminium–zinc assembly and triple aluminium surround
  • Extremely accurate radar measurement and optimum distance detection. Records traffic data in both traffic directions (up to 400,000 readings)
  • Possible power sources: solar, public street lighting, mains


  • High-power LED electronic display in 3 digits and 3 colours: yellow, orange and red
  • Visible night and day thanks to a class-2 retro-reflective border
  • Red and white border compliant with CEREMA recommendations


  • Dimensions: 613 × 1018 × 40mm
  • Displays pre-programmed icons
  • Additional message: 2rows of 10 characters with height of 70mm, or 1 row of text of 6 characters with height of 140mm3mm-thick anti-reflective polycarbonate casing
  • Standard black and yellow decor or customisable retro-reflective class 2
  • 3 power modes: 230V, public street lighting, solar
  • Radar set-up software and USB stick included
  • RAL 7047 grey lacquered finish to surround and back of sign

Product compliant with French standards. For more information on our compliance with other national standards, contact us.

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