MÉTIS® 1000 Radar Speed Sign

Métis® 1000 Radar Speed Sign

Métis® 1000 is our range’s standard model of preventive radar systems and radar street signs. It allows you to address 3 main goals:

  • raise awareness and encourage drivers to reduce their speed
  • increase user safety
  • measure and analyse the actual behaviour of road users

More than just a simple warning, it is a genuine tool to educate road users!


Educational Approach:

  • The Métis® 1000 radar displays vehicle speed in real time
  • The colour of the speed display adapts to the actual speed, reinforcing the incentivising message
  • A symbol can also be displayed in addition to the speed display.

Simplicité du logiciel :

Le logiciel Metis® a été conçu pour vous permettre de recueillir et d’exploiter les données de façon simple :

  • Installation rapide et facilitée du logiciel sur PC,
  • Configuration rapide et intuitive du panneau grâce à un menu simplifié et à une simulation directe à l’écran
  • Analyse automatique des données, rapports récupérables sous Word ou HTML.

Software Simplicity:

  • Le logiciel Métis® has been designed to allow you to easily collect and use data
  • Quick and easy software installation on PC
  • Quick and intuitive sign configuration thanks to a simplified menu and direct screen simulation
  • Automatic data analysis; reports can be retrieved in Word or HTML format

Durable and Simple:

  • Innovative and robust design: crimped aluminium–zinc assembly and triple aluminium surround. Design based on certified CE/NF panel road equipment
  • Electronic display unit protected by a transparent, unbreakable, thermoformed polycarbonate sheet
  • The radar measurement is extremely accurate: there is optimum distance detection and this allows the actual speed to be displayed in real time, with the capacity to record traffic data in both trafficdirections, up to 400,000 readings


  • High-power LED electronic display in 3 digits and 300mm high
  • Standard 3-colour LED display: yellow, orange and red
  • Variable depending on whether the driver is speeding or not
  • Identical border to the zebra stripes on a fixed speed camera, a reminder to reduce speed


Radar :

  • Dimensions: 613mm × 818mm × 40mm
  • 3mm-thick anti-reflective polycarbonate casing
  • Standard black and yellow decor or customisable retro-reflective class 2
  • 4 power modes: 230V, battery, public street lighting, solar
  • Radar set-up software and USB stick included
  • RAL 7047 grey lacquered finish to surround and back of sign

Product compliant with French standards. For more information on our compliance with other national standards, contact us.

Métis Software:

  • Included: sign configuration software
  • Optional: data analysis software
  • Windows versions: XP, Vista, 7 and 8
  • Bluetooth connection or by USB stick
  • Optional GSM connection

MÉTIS Software Video:

MÉTIS® 1000 Radar Speed Sign from Lacroix Signalisation on Vimeo.

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