The city and territories are evolving with a growing demand for safety, respect for the environment, and living a better life alongside each other: the Smart City is firmly taking shape with its first tangible and visible achievements.

A notable feature of the last 5 years has been successes in winning new markets to meet the many challenges facing our customers with solutions tailored to a variety of situations..

A look back at some of the highlights:

SensyCity, Sensing ecosystem for outdoor lighting for Increase users' well-being of the co-ownerships association Les Contamines-Montjoie (France)

the Association of “ZAC du Lay” seeks to improve the quality of outdoor lighting in the five co-owned properties. Also, by equipping areas that previously had no lighting and readjusting the level of lighting in
other areas close to the apartments, the Association wants to increase the comfort and well-being of all its residents.

the Association chose the SensyCity sensing ecosystem as it needed a solution that was easy to implement and simple to use.

In all, 100% of the lighting points were

Ensuring Ecological Continuity with the LACROIX City Wildlife Pack in Haute-Savoie (France)

An innovative LACROIX City solution that improves safety on country roads and helps to maintain biodiversity through the restoration of biological corridors. Thanks to the Wildlife Pack, roads are no longer barriers to wildlife moving around, and road users are safe.

Frequently reported on by the national press and recognised by rural communities and associations, our solution addresses safety and environmental issues.
By creating this solution, LACROIX City is leading the way and developing a new dedicated dynamic signalling offering.

New passenger information displays in Santiago de Chile Metro (Chile)

The result of a consortium between CAF (Construcciones y Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles) and Thalès, LACROIX was involved in the largest project in the history of the Santiago de Chile Metro by providing passenger information equipment for the new 3 and 6 metro lines.
This solution will help guide passengers in real time through the 28 new metro stations.

Innovation Helping to Improve Tourist Signage in the Municipality of Les Baronnies ! (France)

A true LACROIX City innovation, the SLx4 is the only LIS range that allows message boards to be replaced in one click. The customer thought that the invisible fastenings used on the signs gave them a very aesthetically pleasing finish. As such, this is helping enhance the appeal of the region and the community of municipalities, making it much easier for tourists to identify them.

The municipality of les Baronnies, located in the heart of the Drôme Provençale, is a region that lives from tourism, so it wanted to mark out the tourist attractions to help visitors find their way around more easily, both those visiting town and city centres and those travelling outside urban areas.

LACROIX City therefore proposed a combination of different SLx4 units:

  • Two-post system with tangential fastening boards on ÉTOILE® posts lacquered in different shades depending on their placement.
  • Single-post system with off-centre front-mounted boards on ÉTOILE® posts.
  • Use of LIS (Local Information Signage) regional graphic charter for background colours.

The management of visitor flows extends right down to the smallest villages, which are now equipped with a range of Local Information Signage.