Variance® Passenger Shelter

The VARIANCE® passenger shelter offers all the characteristics of solidity and safety for an urban environment: excellent resistance to bad weather conditions (wind, rain, snow) and vandalism.

Its aluminium structure and tempered safety glass present a modern aesthetic that can be adapted to all types of environment. Its PMMA roof is ultra-resistant with an opaque, anti-UV finish.

Comfortable with great visibility, the shelter presents road signage that is adapted for passengers waiting for public transport: a timetable frame, roof signage and a customisable stop-head to inform users of the stop name and transport line.



  • As with other products in the VARIANCE® range, the passenger shelter has anelegant design concept that incites users to make use of it
  • Its modern lines, fully glass structure at the rear and delicate finishes convey a modern style that integrates harmoniously with all environments


  • Designed to facilitate people’s moving around, notably those with limited mobility: its canopy design concept allows you to mount accessories directly onto the structure (timetables, seats) In addition, the floor space is open, allowing free movement of passengers, pedestrians and persons with reduced mobility

Robust and Anti-Vandalism

  • The timetable frame can be mounted onto the high side and will not come down if the window is vandalised
  • The background is made of perforated sheeting to strengthen its anti-vandalism protection (optional)
  • With the structure held up by two rear posts, only two concrete blocks under the ground are needed to install it
  • The structure is resistant to 136km/h (84.5mph) winds


With configurations that can be adapted to your needs, we guaranteea successful installation every time:

  • Two lengths available (3,000 or 4,000mm)
  • Two backing lengths (600 or 1,000mm)
  • Two roof depths (1,000 or 1,500mm)



  • Roof structure and bracket in aluminium
  • Ultra-resistant, opaque anti-UV plexiglass-sheet roof
  • Dim. shelter–short version: L 3,200mm
  • Dim. shelter–long version: L 4,200mm
  • Roof depth: 1,000 or 1,500mm
  • Sides: without backing (canopy), with one or two glass backings of 600 or 1,000mm


  • Structures designed for level-4 wind zones, up to 136km/h (84.5mph) and snow (region E < 200m altitude)
  • Wind resistance tests carried out in a wind tunnel (at the CSTB–Scientific and Technical Centre for Building)

Mounting System:

  • Two aluminium connector boards with four anchor points to mount onto the concrete blocks in the ground (up to 3% incline tolerated), four anchoring bolts


  • Lacquer: from the LACROIX HR colour chart
  • Casing in tempered glass, 10mm thickness, standard silkscreen printing conforming to accessibility requirements

Product compliant with French standards. For more information on our compliance with other national standards, contact us.

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