Variance® Waiting Station

Estación de espera Variance®

Thanks to its small footprint, the passenger waiting station from the VARIANCE® range is the ideal format for conveniently equipping your transport stops while guaranteeing an optimal level of comfort, information and safety.

The station’s 180° opening allows users with reduced mobility (individuals with disabilities, pregnant women, elderly individuals, young children, etc.) to easily access information and take shelter in bad weather


  • Small Footprint: the VARIANCE® waiting station is a new street furniture solution. This innovative product takes a new look at public transport waiting areas. It can accomodate and shelter two or three people and fits into confined areas while effectively identifying the transport stop
  • Accessible: canopy design that saves floor space and conforms to accessibility regulations for persons with reduced mobility
  • Comfortable: the benches and standing seats are comfortable accessories that can accomodate two people and make the wait safe for users at the stop.


  • Roof structure and supports in aluminium, canopy version
  • Roof placards in ultra-resistant and anti-UV white acrylic glass
  • Dimension (overall): L 1,182 × W 1,190 × H 2,351mm
  • Lacquer coating available from the LACROIX HR colour chart
  • Background: screen-printed window pane (tempered glass, thickness 10mm)
  • Resistance: structure calculated in compliance with regulation NV 65-09, Zone 3 standard base, site tested (wind), reinforceable up to Zone 5
  • Mounting: two aluminium connector boards with four anchor points to fix onto sunken concrete blocks, four M14 rods

Product compliant with French standards. For more information on our compliance with other national standards, contact us.


Estación de espera Variance con opciones Lacroix City
  • Stop head and roof signage
  • Timetable frame: 9 A4 portrait format, waterproof with locking system
  • Bench and standing seat
  • 230V or solar integrated lighting

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