DX3® First Directional Sign

DX3® First Directional Sign

The Dx3 is a polyvalent and robust sign that offers a real aesthetic to integrate coherently into your environment.
Ergonomic for easy installation, the open-backed Dx3® First sign is particularly recommended for your road environments.


Robust and Light:

  • Innovative design: combination of highly robust aluminium–zinc sheet and triple-edged aluminium surround (by crimping)


  • Comfortable use thanksto the triple-edged surround
  • Intelligent mounting system designed to facilitate installation
  • Two self-locking quarter-turn screws: for fast and safer installation of the sign on its bracket, when installing or replacing it


  • Rails integrated into the surround
  • Refined lines for perfect integration into the road environment


  • High-resistance lacquer in multiple shades


Materials and Design:

  • Open-back door sign, thickness 37mm
  • Triple-edged surround in aluminium, integrated into the mounting rail
  • Integrated rainwater drainage hole
  • Aluminium–zinc front sheet, thickness 7.5/10ths

Mounting System:

  • Dx3 collar with two self-locking quarter-turn screws for quick mounting on a mast (standard clamps for other brackets)
  • The sign can be movedhorizontally on its bracket

Compatible Brackets:

  • Compatible with all types of bracket: Ø 76, Ø 90, Ø 114, Ø 140, Ø 168, 80 × 80, 80 × 40, 40 × 40, 40 × 27, Mx4© passive-safety bracket

Retro-reflective adhesive film finishes:

  • Class 1: 7-year guarantee
  • Class 2: 12-year guarantee
  • Class 3: 14-year guarantee


  • CE: 1035-CPD-ES045756-B
  • European performance class PL2/WL3/DSL0
  • NF: SD-903

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