STOCK Bracket-Bearers

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In order to offer the best ergonomics for workers to carry out their jobs, LACROIX City has developed a range of fixed-sequence brackets that are safe, easy and quick to use.

The STOCK bracket-bearers suspend mobile brackets with B21 or K8 so that they are ready to be taken down to mark out a junction.


  • Flexibity:the bracket suspension hooks allow you to store up to three mobile brackets vertically
  • Optimal compatibility: with adjustable width, the range can hold numerous mobile bracket models
  • Safety: offering passive safety by nature (< 570daN.m), they also include two locking chains allowing the mobile brackets to be wedged against the mast
  • Adaptability: the STOCK offers:
    • 1 hook allowing you to store weighting bags
    • 2 suspension modes for the mobile bracket – horizontally (to store one bracket) or vertically (to store between one and three brackets )
    • 5 mounting interfaces depending on where the fixed sequence is being installed: frame cover/sunken, anchored with a connector board or clamps, on concrete or metallic road barriers
  • Easy installation: the brackets are mounted in three simple stages and delivered with all of the mounting componentsthat are required for the chosen mounting interface (e.g. frame cover, shutter, clamps, anchoring jig, screws, etc.)


  • Vertical 80 × 80 and horizontal 40 × 40 masts in Sendzimir steel
  • Two perforated suspension arms in galvanised steel
  • Oméga and suspension hook for weighting in galvanised steel
  • Variable height and weight depending on the chosen base and suspension (vertical or horizontal)

Product compliant with French standards. For more information on our compliance with other national standards, contact us.


Five bases to meet all configurations of the fixed sequence being installed:
LACROIX bases compatible with the STOCK Bracket-Bearers

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