TWIST Pivoting Bracket


In order to offer the best ergonomics for workers to carry out their jobs, LACROIX City has developed a range of fixed-sequence brackets that are safe, easy and quick to use.

The TWIST hand-pivoting bracket allows the user to mask or reveal approaching signs.


  • Ergonomics: the connecting handle allows for effortless rotation of the signs and upper mast
  • Safety: offering passive safety by nature (< 570daN.m), the bracket can accommodate one sign and one plaque from the “Très Grande” range
  • Adaptability: thanks to the six available bases, the TWIST can be adapted to all configurations for selected installation zones–frame cover/sunken, anchored with connector board or clamps, on single or double concrete or metallic road barriers
  • Easy installation: the brackets are mounted in three simple stages and delivered with all of the mounting componentsthat are required for the chosen base (e.g. frame cover, shutter, clamps, anchoringjig, screws, etc.)


  • Upper and lower masts 80 × 80 in Sendzmir steel
  • Central rotation tube in galvanised steel
  • 360° rotation
  • Variable height and weight depending on the chosen base and sign range

Product compliant with French standards. For more information on our compliance with other national standards, contact us.


Six bases to meet all configurations of the fixed sequence being installed:
Bases compatible with the TWIST Pivoting Bracket

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