Discover our soFAST temporary signs and supports. It is an aluminium range that is easy and quick to deploy, designed to ensure workers’ safety during their call-outs.

Optimal compatibility:

All soFAST signs are fitted with rails to:

easily adapt to all types of supports
facilitate managingyour fleet

The soFAST ranges offers a wide choice of supports:

temporary: mobile, on the ground or for road safety barriers
fixed: classic or pivoting masts and supports for storage on hard shoulders or central reservations

Numerous options are offered to adapt the signs and their supports, depending on the needs of your worksite or call-out.

The signs are not too thick, so as to easily insert into transport or storage racks; the SLIM mobile support signs are a maximum of 55mm thick.

Fast deployment:

The aluminium soFAST range is light and quick to deploy, so as toimprove workers’ safety. It has a universal mounting system thanks to the riveted rails at the back of the sign.

Designed to guarantee fast installation, the supports for fixed soFAST models are robust and passively safe by nature.


Certified NF (for more information on our compliance with other national standards, contact us.), the soFAST range guarantees mechanical resistance and stability. No rivets pierce the film, protecting the retro-reflective quality of the sign and preventing premature ageing.

The double-edged monoblock or profile surround designs allow the signs to be grasped without any risk, depending on the shape and how often they are adjusted.