Sign With Surround Profile

Sign With Surround Profile

Designed in aluminium, NF certified and fitted with rails, our soFAST temporary signs are light, robust and easily adapt to all types of mobile brackets and fixtures.

The surround profile design was chosen due to its lightnessfor large signs that are used during long work operations (e.g. large diversions).


  • Material: aluminium
  • Sign body’s thickness: 1mm
  • Triple-edged surround profile’s thickness: 37mm (including the mounting rail)

Product compliant with French standards. For more information on our compliance with other national standards, contact us.


  • One or two concealment or dual-symbol flaps
  • Markings: all of your temporary signs can be corporate branded with an indelible mark
  • Your company logo: digitally printed
  • Lacquer coating, from the LACROIX HR colour chart
  • Anti-graffiti film for optimal protection

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