SLIM, Mobile Ground Support, Thin and Safe

Temporary slim mobile support

Designed for quick and simple installation, discover the SLIM mobile support from the soFAST temporary sign range.


  • Optimal Compatibility: thanks to its thin composition (55mm with sign mounted), it can be inserted into even the most narrow racks
  • Safety: rapid deployment and closure with the base foot, allowing you to remain vigilant to traffic
  • Easy to adjust thanks to the lightweight nature of the product (aluminium) and its two wheels
  • Easy to store: the ‘claws’ allow you to prevent it from moving when put into the upright position
  • Adaptability: :
    • Extended option: add two extensions to the side to increase the height of the sign while it is stored on its edge (1,350 to 1,850mm)
    • Side wheel option: add two wheels to make storing it on its edge easier, delivered with two extensions


  • Aluminium
  • External structure in square steel tubes 30 × 30mm
  • Easy mounting by simply inserting screws into the two SLIM support vertical rails
  • Screws provided (quarter-turn screws, H screws, washers and M8 nuts)
  • Two wheels and locking tabs for vertical storage

Product compliant with French standards. For more information on our compliance with other national standards, contact us.

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