Limiting Light Pollution

Limiting Light Pollution

Excessive artificial lighting can be detrimental to biodiversity and to the well-being of local residents, but a complete lack of street lighting undermines the public’s feeling of safety. To meet regulations and comply with NGOs, and also to protect nocturnal ecosystems, whilst respecting the public’s well-being, it is possible to turn down street lighting to maintain a lower level of brightness and keep the public safe, then turn the lighting back up when a presence is detected.

France - Les Contamines Montjoie

The LACROIX City Solution



Administrator of the “ZAC du Lay” and Chairman of the La Borgia co-owners’ Association, responsible for the “ZAC” lighting project.

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    Joel :

    SensyCity represents ease of use
    For example, following the first programming, we found that the boost lighting was too powerful, but we were able to change it the very next day, there is a margin for error.
    And the application makes things easy as it is so user-friendly.

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Benefits :

  • Positive environmental impact
  • Maintains safety and the nocturnal environment
  • Protects wildlife



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