How can citizens be motivated to use public transport?

LACROIX City Street furniture Sogexi

Every day, local authorities are developing and improving their public transport networks, especially exclusive right-of-way: tramways, BHNS, etc. The objectives are multiple:

  • To reduce congestion in city centres
  • To boost local shops
  • To improve air quality
  • To provide access for pedestrians and encourage soft mobility

Park-and-Ride car parks, strategically located on the borders of cities and public transport access points, allow users to take part in a benefit multi-modal journey.

The LACROIX City solution

  • Dynamic parking lot staking: PGx range
    Whether your car park is stand-alone or part of a larger network, the PGx parking lot marking solution can efficiently guide drivers to the nearest car park facility.
  • Passenger information: PID range
    The P+Rs are true multimodal exchange areas, so the need for information is important. The small and large format LED and TFT panels of the Transport PID range allow you to display the right information, at the right time, in the right place.
  • Urban furniture: street furniture Variance


  • Improve the attractiveness of your city
  • Make your installations profitable
  • Improve occupancy rates in car parks and parking relay
  • Facilitate access to public transportation

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