Tegis Lighting Plus and Detection

Born from the merger of the Tegis and Sensycity ecosystems, Tegis Lighting Plus and Detection combines the connected management of the cabinet, the management of light points and the Sensycity detection ecosystem.

In addition to the cabinet and motion sensor functions, the Tegis Lighting Plus and Detection offer allows the lowering of light points with remote parameterization for more flexibility and the monitoring of light points to optimize the management of the park in certain areas.

Combined with detection solutions, Tegis Lighting Plus and Detection maximizes energy savings while preserving safety and the night-time environment.

Complementing the PLC offer, the Tegis Lighting Plus and Detection solution is free from the technical constraints of the electrical network thanks to RF technology.

Connected management of cabinets, light points and detection

  • Connected lighting control
  • Monitoring of the cabinet
  • Feedback and analysis of the consumption of the cabinet
  • Monitoring of each light point
  • Power reduction at each light point
  • Communicating detection


  • Energy and maintenance savings

The control system is the first source of energy savings thanks to its connected astronomical clock, which can be remotely adjusted.
Combined with detection, control at the cabinet and lowering of light points maximizes energy savings while providing safety and well-being for users.

  • Quality of service & safety

The monitoring of the cabinet and its real-time alert system allow for an optimized quality of service of the public lighting installations.

  • Budget control

Monitoring and analysis of energy consumption to measure savings and prioritize investments.

  • Optimized energy savings

The lowering of light points is remotely configured for greater flexibility.

  • Optimized quality of service & safety

The monitoring of each light point allows for optimized management of the park on certain areas of the city.

  • Environmentally friendly