Tegis Astroconnect Plus control unit

Tegis Astroconnect Plus control unit enables connected control for public lighting cabinets through 3 programmable astronomical outputs independently, to optimize ignition hours throughout the year.

Simple for both installation and maintenance: override button on the front side, cabling and easy integration in cabinet, with removable connectors.



Tegis Lighting Plus CENTRAL CONTROL
  • Energy savings thanks to astronomical calculation and override night cutouts.
  • Maintenance costs greatly reduced thanks to astronomical clocks remote setting, from a secured web-based platform.
  • Reactivity, flexibility and comfort with real time forcing, either of the switch on or of the switch off of the remote cabinet.
  • Future-proof to complete connected management of the public lighting cabinet with Tegis Lighting.

Technical specifications

Technical Specifications:

  • Casing: IP2X
  • Materiel: Polycarbonate
  • Dimensions (HxLxP) – in mm: 112 x 160 x 62, equivalent to 9 modules
  • Removable connectors
  • SD card reader, to store the control unit settings
  • 3 relay outputs (astronomical clocks)

Electrical specifications:

  • Operation voltage: 160V-265VVAC / 50-60 Hz
  • Electric class: Class 2
  • Removable fuse T2A-H-250V



  • In cabinet
  • Standard fixation: DIN 35 rail
  • Operation temperatures: from -25°C to +50°C


  • Integrated modem: GSM/GPRS
  • Ethernet connection

Norms and Certifications:

  • Product norms:
    • EN 60950-1
    • EN 61000-2 / 61000-3
    • EN 55032
    • EN 55024
    • EN 301-3 / 301-7 / 301-24 / 301-489 / 301-511 / 301-908
    • EN 300-440
  • EC certifications (2014/35/UE ; 2014/30/UE ; 2011/65/UE)

Environmental protection

Energy saving certificatest-Sogexi

Eligible for Energy saving Certificates:

> 17,500 kWh cumac x N (number of astronomical clocks)
Astronomical clock for street lighting.

Compact packaging, made only from cardboard, to facilitate recycling.

In order to promote the recycling, the packaging is all in cardboard made