Advanced connected lighting control

The control of lighting cabinets is the primary source of energy savings thanks to its integrated astronomical clock. The connected astronomical clock Tegis Astroconnect Plus makes remote configuration possible generating important maintenance savings eliminating travel for local reprogramming.

Real-time remote forcing provides flexibility and easy remote reprogramming for applications that require responsiveness (activation during emergency situations at night, unscheduled deactivation during festive events such as fireworks, etc.).

The fact that programmed activation and deactivation operations are time-stamped allows for an initial level of analysis when verifying that the cabinet is functioning correctly.

The offer is future-proof to Tegis Lighting, Tegis Lighting Plus and Tegis Lighting Plus 24/24.

  • Energy savings

The control is the first source of energy savings thanks to its connected astronomical clock.

  • Maintenance savings

The connected astronomical clock enables remote configuration
By displaying the activation/deactivation dates and times on the clock, cabinet operations can be properly monitored.

  • Responsiveness, flexibility, and comfort

The real-time activation and deactivation of the remotely connected cabinet contributes to the comfort and safety of road users.

  • Future-Proof

To a complete connected management of the cabinet.