Connected management of the cabinet and light points

Tegis Lighting Plus is the extension of Tegis Lighting with its connected management of the cabinet and light points.

Beside the cabinet functions, Tegis Lighting Plus allows dimming of light points which can be configured remotely for greater flexibility. Each light point can be monitored to optimise the management of the equipment in certain areas of the town.

Discover functions

Connected control of lighting
Monitoring of lightings cabinets
Feedback and analysis of consumption
Monitoring of every light points
Dimming of every light points

Energy and maintenance savings
The control is the first source of energy savings thanks to its connected astronomical clock that can be configured remotely.
Budget management
Feedback and analysis of energy consumption to measure energy savings and prioritise investments.
Optimised energy savings
Dimming of the light points is configured remotely for greater flexibility
Service quality & optimised safety
Monitoring of every light points optimises the management of public lighting equipment in certain areas of the town