How to effectively warn users of changes in traffic conditions ?

Detección de atascos

Commuting periods bring an additional flow and systematic congestion on the main roads.

One of the main challenges for operators is limiting emergency braking and tailbacks of vehicles waiting for other lanes to open up. In order to prevent untimely breaking responses and collisions, it is imperative to warn drivers before reaching traffic jams.

How it works

A fleet of several BlueVias – bluetooth traffic sensors – installed in strategic places on roads that are often congested will record traffic data. A BlueVia installed in a luminous sign case will allow it to communicate with the other ones.

The luminous sign then runs the journey time data for a trigger where a traffic jam is detected and displays the information in real time.



  • The product allows road administrators to react to changing traffic conditions in real time
  • This limits emergency breaking and the impact of vehicles waiting on roadways
  • Accurate reports containing traffic data are provided
  • Journey time data is made available to the operator and for worksite planning purposes

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