Dynamic roundabout control with commuter traffic

Dynamic Roundabout Control - LACROIX City

Congestion due to main roads at commuting times is a problem. Thousands of roundabouts are funnels for main roads with commuter traffic.

These roads, which bear 90% of the flow, obstruct traffic when going around roundabouts. Secondary roads are disadvantaged and do not get priority.

The LACROIX City Solution

  • BlueVia: bluetooth traffic sensor
  • Traffic lights: Alumix range
  • Traffy controller
  • WebVia: monitoring tools

How it works

The BlueVia sensors associated with the traffic-light control devices balance traffic in real time according to the traffic conditions. The monitoring tool automatically calculates the time green and red will be shown for each thoroughfare.


  • Improves traffic flow at all times of day
  • Collects and analyses traffic data to optimise future development works

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