Located in Romania, Brasov is the most populous city in the centre of the country and the second largest in Transylvania. As a tourist hot spot, it attracts a large number of visitors each year. Ensuring the safety of residents and tourists alike is a priority for the city.


Reducing accidents with LACROIX City solutions

The mortality rate on Romania’s roads is actually the highest in the European Union, and raising driver awareness is a key road safety challenge.

The city has thus turned to LACROIX City’s solutions to reduce its accident rate.

The first phase entails installing LACROIX City’s smart public street lighting solutions to equip certain key districts and improve the visibility of pedestrians and vehicles in real time.

As part of the second phase, the city has just had a METIS 3002 Connect radar speed sign installed with the twin objective of preventing and analysing.

Preventing and Combating Speeding in Urban Areas

The installation was successively positioned in city locations deemed at-risk: schools and busy public places that are close to crossroads with traffic lights. The Métis radar speed sign attracts drivers’ attention via a warning message with an illuminated A14 danger symbol alternating with the speed detected.

This solution, which is more effective than static signage, avoids the complacency associated with static displays and heightens awareness.


Analysing for more effective action

In addition to the educational aspect of Métis, the city wanted to quantify traffic densities and driver journey speeds in order to put appropriate measures in place.

The Métis 3002’s LX-Connect interface makes it possible to manage and analyse data such as observed speeds and traffic flows throughout the day. This information will enable the city of Brasov to more effectively deploy signs in and around the city.

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This project features the very latest LACROIX City digital innovations and highlights the complementarity of our various areas of business expertise to provide comprehensive and tailored solutions for the issues facing our customers. Other projects are underway to complement and enhance road safety education in Brasov.

Aurelien Pallavisini
International Development Manager

Key figures

In 2017, Romania recorded 98 fatalities per million inhabitants; this is twice the European average of 49 fatalities (European Commission data)