How to improve safety and facilitate traffic flow on a construction site area?

Panneau à messages variables sur remorque

Structural works on the road network can affect traffic unpredictably and create dangerous situations for users.

It is necessary to implement dynamic signage to optimise users’ alertness so as to meet regulatory requirements.


LACROIX City offers a full package to make your worksite areas safe:

  • The dynamic display optimises alertness to increase road users’ and workers’ safety. The pVMx, a variable-message sign on a trailer, can be installed when and where you need it
  • With the Millénium worksite traffic light, you can limit the impact of traffic by regulating it and informing users of the waiting time left
  • The Tx4 signs and Monobloc weighted cones have been specially designed for constrained environments and to optimise handling by workers

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