This is the number of connected objects that have been installed by LACROIX City.

LACROIX City offers a comprehensive range of connected equipment. Featuring the latest digital innovations and our business know-how, it is helping to create open and interoperable ecosystems for the towns and cities of tomorrow.

A closer look at our key connected ecosystems:

MÉTIS® 3002 Connect Radar Speed Sign

MÉTIS® 3002 Connect Radar Speed Sign

  • 100% remotely manageable radar speed sign thanks to its LX Connect web interface.
  • Remote configuration and data analysis
  • Option to be alerted directly by email or text message (speeding, traffic density).


S.I.R. Wireless Sensor_SensyCity3

SensyCity: Sensing ecosystem for outdoor lighting

  • Guarantee of  the service quality
  • Safety of goods and people
  • Reduced electricity expenses
  • Reduced carbon impact
  • Reduced light pollution


Tegis Lighting Plus CUSTOMER SERVICE2

Smart management ecosystem for street lighting Tegis

  • Connected control of lighting
  • Monitoring of lighting cabinets
  • Feedback and analysis of consumption


Bluevia traffic sensor

BlueVia: the Bluetooth traffic sensor

This sensor is intended to calculate and provide journey time and origin–destination time information to road users.

In addition, the WebVia data verification and exploitation tool makes it possible to:

  • Having reliable and responsive data
  • Being informed as soon as there are disruptions
  • Understanding the flow of traffic
  • Anticipating future planning needs
  • Developing traffic regulation systems



TRAFFY® : the traffic-light-regulated intersection controller

TRAFFY® is an intersection controller that uses traffic light signalling. The nerve centre of an intersection, the controller is the essential traffic regulation tool.

  • WINTRAFFY is an easy-to-use single tool for managing traffic light intersections controlled by the TRAFFY® controller.
  • It allows intersections to be programmed, from the most simple to the most complex, as well as archiving and analysing operating and traffic data.




Lx3 LINK Connected Signalling

Lx3 LINK Connected Signalling

With Lx3 Link, we are going a step further in increasing safety in hazardous areas by making it possible to activate interconnected sets, without carrying out major work.
The detection and communication technology used enables user-configurable and interconnected smart units to be created, which can be adapted to all types of environments.

  • New detection systems capableof distinguishing pedestrians from vehicles
  • Triggers on detection or activation helping to heighten motorists’ awareness of potential risks
  • Fully scalable configuration suitable for all types of hazardous zones




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